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Referring Doctors

Reputation & Referral

Welcome to our website. We have created this site to provide a little background on our practice, and to make the referral process simple and convenient for you. After you have browsed through our information, we hope you will be confident in our ability to provide your patients with up-to-date and comprehensive care. While most patients are less than enthusiastic about having to undergo a root canal, you can allay their concerns by sending them to our Patient Entrance, where we explain more about endodontics, and how it will help restore their long-term dental health.

Referring doctors please send all patient information to info@eaokc.com.

Expertise & Experience

You and your patient may be interested to know the professional requirements behind the practice of Endodontics. Along with dental school, each of our doctors has completed two or more years of study and clinical training in diagnosing and treating complex teeth.

This includes not only the well-known root canal treatment of saving teeth, but also diagnoses and relief of oral pain, treatment of traumatic tooth injuries, oral surgery, and even restoration of discolored teeth to their normal shade through a whitening process.

As specialists, we concentrate our practice exclusively on handling such cases. We also make it our business to stay current with the latest advances in our field. Over the years, we’ve built a base of experience varied enough to handle any endodontic case, from the most routine to the most complex.

Comfort & Conservation

Our top priorities are to alleviate pain and preserve the patient's natural teeth. We have a soothing, relaxing office environment, plus all the necessary resources to make your patient comfortable. We will quickly diagnose and work to eliminate the cause of oral pain.

Convenience & Consideration

We try to be as considerate as possible of you and your patients’ busy schedules. We have four full-time Endodontists who see patients five days a week at each of our two modern facilities. We handle normal root canal procedures in just one appointment, saving patients from unnecessary travel and lost time.

We also make preliminary paperwork a breeze. To refer a patient, you can simply complete and email our referral form; you can also provide your patient with the necessary registration and health history forms ahead of time by printing them directly from this site, or by sending your patient to the New Patient Forms section. They will find all the necessary information and forms, as well as a map, directions to our office, and office hours.