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Traumatic Injury

No matter what the circumstances are, traumatic dental injuries need to be treated by a professional as soon as possible to ensure the complete health of your smile. Even if your tooth is dislodged or knocked completely out of your mouth, our team at Endodontic Associates and your general dentist can often coordinate emergency care that can save it. Here’s what you should do as a patient in the following scenarios:

Knocked-Out Tooth

If you knock a tooth out, you may require root canal therapy from our Oklahoma City practice once it’s been re-implanted in order to fully restore its health and structure. Here’s what you should do if this happens to you:

Dislodged Tooth

If your tooth has been pushed or pulled partially out of its socket, please contact either Endodontic Associates or your general dentist to schedule an emergency appointment. It may be possible to stabilize the tooth with a splint and avoid further treatment. If not, root canal therapy may be required to help treat any damage or infection that occurs.

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