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Root Canal Retreatment

In most situations, root canal therapy is a revitalizing procedure that successfully transforms the health and structure of a badly damaged tooth, relieving pain in a thorough and long-lasting way. However, there are some unfortunate rare cases where even after treatment has been completed, patients still experience issues. Discomfort may persist or the tooth in question might not heal in the preferred way, for instance. Thankfully, our dedicated team at Endodontic Associates is prepared for this possibility. With the help of root canal retreatment, we’ll be sure to remedy the problem and return full form and function to your smile as quickly and comfortably as possible.

Other reasons that root canal retreatment might become necessary include:

How does root canal retreatment work?

First, we’ll carefully reopen the treated tooth, removing any and all biocompatible material so that we can access the inner chamber and canals. Then, once we’ve thoroughly cleaned and sealed the area, we’ll place a filling to protect it from further infection. A new crown or other personalized restoration will complete your healthier, happier tooth!

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